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Katharine & Robert rutherford

western House Hotel 2018

"i Literally cannot stop looking at our wedding photos! How the hell did we manage to get so many amazing pictures in so many different locationsin such a short space of time? You are a machine.

I Knew the photos would be great but these have blown my expectations out the water! Cannot thank you enough! Anyone who doesn't book TIV Photography as their wedding photographers are crazy Mofo!!"



Lyndsay guy

lochside house hotel 2016

" Well ....... Where do i begin to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the breathtaking album that you have produced of our wedding day.

Not only have you given Graham and i the special memories of our big day but you have provided me with the priceless gift of the precious memories of my daddy walking me down the aisle, something i am so very lucky to have happened before he passed.

our day was so emotional and i will forever be in your debt. Thank you so much."


Graham gUY

lochside house hotel 2016

"I was going to send you a private message but i thought id post it on your facebook for all to see.

Just picked up our wedding album and to say its amazing is an understatement. You managed to capture the emotion of our big day in ways we couldn't even imagine. The Love, laughter and happiness we can see in those pictures will live with us forever.

As you know, we lost Lydsay's Dad just after the wedding and the page you dedicated to him in our album of him smiling and the love and pride he shows in his little girl will now be with us forever....... Thank you"


Steven & DAnielle

Dunfermline 2019

" Our wedding photos are PERFECT. Every special moment has been captured along with the rest of our amazing day. We couldn't have asked for a better Photographer. You truly are one of a kind and we can't thank you enough. All of our photos are absolutely stunning and we highly recommend TIV Photography to our friends & Family. Thank you. "

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"The Image Village........ You are not a Photographer, you are a MAGICIAN.. Wow love my pics!!"

Ebonny Hernandez